Web Design Best Practices in Pebblebrook Estates Cobb County

Websites are often the core and foundation of all business marketing strategies. If they’re not built well or don’t have a pleasing design, you can experience a drop in sales, poor reputation, and even loss in profits. At Atlanta Web Pros, we understand how big an impact website design can have on marketing strategy and make sure all platforms we create are sleek and efficient. We have a list of best practices and guidelines our designers follow in order to ensure your website is efficient and of good quality.

1. The position of the logo

The logo is always clickable and almost always located in the top left corner of a website. Internet users and customers have become accustomed to this design strategy and will click on the logo in order to get back to the homepage. While disrupting the design standards can sometimes be a good thing and make you stand out, changing the location of the logo isn’t wise. If your logo is located somewhere else or isn’t clickable, the users will be forced to search for it; and that can compromise the user experience.

2. Contact information

 The primary contact information line the phone number of email address should be located in a visible location. The most common location is the top right corner of the website and that’s also the location your customers will expect to find the contact information. Some websites don’t place the contact information above the fold and force customers to scroll down in order to find it. That can hamper the user experience as well and have an impact on the number of clicks and conversions to receive. Our designers will make sure the contact information is located at the top right corner of the website and is clearly visible to all visitors so you don’t have to worry about people missing it.

Website Design in Pebblebrook Estates

3. The navigation buttons

The navigation buttons that link to different pages on the website should also be located in a visible and easily accessible are on your website page. Most popular and well-received websites place the navigation buttons on the top half of the page and that’s where most Internet users expect them to be. This ensures customers don’t need to waste time scrolling through the website in order to find relevant pages. Easy navigation increases the likelihood of sales and conversions, which is why the location of the navigation buttons is one of the most important things to consider.

4. Search on the header

Most website visitors would prefer not to browse through all pages in order to find what they need, so a search feature is important. This search feature should be located in a visible and easily accessible area of your website page as well. We usually place it on the header because it’s out of the way, doesn’t have an impact on the design, and is still visible and accessible. We also make sure the search bar is easy to access regardless of the page the user is on; this helps ensure they don’t have to travel back to the homepage when they want to search something on your website.

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Web Design in Pebblebrook Estates

5. Responsive design

Google and other search engines have confirmed that mobile search traffic has surpassed regular desktop traffic so it’s essential to ensure your website is responsive and compatible with various mobile platforms. We make sure the website can adjust to all screen sizes, load quickly, and looks great. We’ll also make sure all links are clickable on the mobile screen and users don’t face much trouble while trying to navigate through the portal.

6. Call to action

If you want your customers to purchase something, subscribe to your website, or want to make your contact us form your primary Call to Action, you need to make sure it’s visible and prominent. We place the CTA above the fold and ensure your customers don’t have to look for it throughout your website. We A/B test the CTA button to ensure it provides the best level of response before we add it to your website.

All of these factors come together to form an excellent website that functions well and delivers the performance our customers need.

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