Understanding the Long Tail Search

What is Long Tail Search and How Does it Affect My Website Traffic

A brief explanation of the “Long Tail Search” simply states: lots of key phrases individually account for little traffic by themselves but collectively all those key phrases often could account for a huge amount of traffic.

While the primary keyword phrase for my site might be plumbing repair service and this phrase might drive most of the traffic to my site, I can greatly enhance the traffic to my site by naming my page “best service, lowest priced plumbing repair service company in the Glennwood residential community”. The more “minor” keywords I can link with my major search terms, the more likely my site will be found in a search. You never know for sure what people are going to search for. Google states that 20% of search terms each day have never been used before. There are no doubt trillions and trillions of possibilities.

You also may have notice that when you now search for a product or service in Google, Google tries to figure out what you are searching for and offers a “type ahead” word to try and match what they think you are looking for.

The following graphic from our friends at SEO Book, will explain this phenomenon.

How Google Killed the Longtail Infographic.

Infographic by SEO Book