Very recently Google announced that they had released a new search update that could potentially impact over 30 percent of searches. Like so many recent revisions by Google they are attempting to give you the consumer a better chance of finding data that is fresh and relevant.

Atlanta SEO Tips | Fresh and Relevant Content

If I do a search for European debt crisis, I want that information to be relevant to what is happening right now. There should be some information about Greece and Italy, which is relevant to what is happening today. I don’t want to uncover some information about the debt crisis that occurred last year.

If I am researching search engine optimization strategies I don’t want to find blogs or forums about SEO that are dated 2008. A whole heck of a lot has happened in the world of SEO since 2008. Google has been made huge changes this year alone and if I’m researching SEO I want to find the latest info.

In order for your website to be taken seriously by the search engines, then you need to take the time to keep the content on your site fresh and relevant. Because we use the latest WordPress plug-in for site maps, your site map will have a timestamp which indicates the last time that page or post was updated. This should definitely help you in the Google rankings.

I have posted a video below from some experts which goes into this in much more detail and I hope you find it useful. Thanks for looking at our Atlanta SEO website.