Link building is the best alternative to avoid article re-submissions

Do you still resubmit your website to major search engines every week or two?  If so then you need to stop it as it is not going to help your rankings. In fact it may have just the opposite effect.  Contrary to what some people will tell you constant resubmitting hurts your rankings.  The reason is that search engines give far more importance to web pages that are spidered initially and that have been in their index for a longer period of time – t he longer the better.  Instead of resubmitting your web pages try optimizing your articles with great rich content, relevant keywords, and make the best use of title tags and meta-tags.  A better alternative to re-submissions is a good link building strategy.

Link Building for Search Engine Optimization Atlanta

When other websites are linking to your website you are building other ways for search engine crawlers to locate your site and to index your site its pages and its contents. Remember there’s no need to do tiresome re-submissions they simply don’t work.

If you’re considering building links as a strategy to gain page rank, then you need to follow a one-way link building strategy.  Link building is one of the best ways to improve your link popularity and ranking in major search engines. One way links are links to your sites that do not have a link back to the other site.

Good links to your site or sites that come from sites that have high page rank or are considered authoritarian websites such as sites ending in .edu  or .gov.  Edu and Gov sites are non-commericial, so they have nothing to gain from linking to your site which gives them more credence.

Links from other quality websites to your website are considered a positive “vote” and a feather in your cap, so to speak. There are many quality link building services available on the web. Just go to any search engine and look for link building. If you have never done the link building yourselves, then it is probably better to use a link building service. This should not cost you a lot of money but do enough research to ensure you’re getting quality links as links from bad websites can hurt your page ranking

Bad links would be links from what is known as link farms or sites that are set up to only provide links for sale. They have no value whatsoever and make actually hurt your site ranking.

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