What is a Mobile Website and Do I Need One For My Small Business?

A mobile website is a site that is specifically designed for a smart phone or tablet.

Is this the same thing as a Mobile Friendly Website?

No, a mobile friendly website is one that looks pretty much the same on your phone as it does on your computer.

I thought all websites looked the same on all devices.

No, if your site has a fixed width, say 1000 pixels, then a smart phone or a tablet can not display that many pixels.

So what happens when I try to display it on my smart phone and it is 1,000 pixels wide?

It depends on how the site is built, sometimes the elements simply collapse, meaning that an image next to a paragraph may now appear way below the paragraph. It may look just awful and be totally useless to the user.

So if I have a mobile friendly website, does this mean that it will look just like the regular site?

No, not exactly. If your horizontal menu has 10 items across, they will not fit on the mobile device, so it will usually create an icon that you can click on to see the menu items.

I'm confused. So to be safe, do I create a mobile site or a mobile friendly site?

Again, it all depends. Look at your site on your smartphone and then look at it on a tablet, then you can make a more intelligent decision.

Finally, if you are unsure, please give us a call at Atlanta Web Pros – 404-664-5310 – and let us help you make the proper decision. Of course, there is no obligation.