SEO – Search Engine Marketing Consultant Atlanta

Although the Internet has been around for decades in some format, companies such as Google are barely 10 years old. Google, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology have greatly changed the way many companies do business. Without some understanding of search engine technology and optimization, a small business website is doomed to failure. Your website has as much chance of being found as Tom Hank’s character in the movie Castaway. Websites that tell you they can get you into the top ten rankings in Google in 7 to 10 days are no different than the sites that tell you can they can give you a clean credit report after years of credit card abuse in as many days. SEO requires a steady and steadfast approach and should be incorporated over time into your overall marketing strategy.



This is why Atlanta Web Pros was founded. We help small businesses understand the technology that drives search engines, and where some companies get high search rankings while others lay dormant and unnoticed in a sea of billions of bits of computer code. Our search engine specialists have been specifically trained to understand how the search engines send out millions of robotic spiders to decipher all the world’s websites and then send back information to then decide where your website fits into the customer’s needs and wants. If they decide your site will serve a particular customer’s needs better than someone else who offers the same product or service, then they will move your site up higher in the search engine rankings.

The following are considerations in the consumer buying process and need to be addressed in your Search Engine Optimization Strategy:

  • Determining which search engines play the most dominant role in purchasing decisions.
  • Determining how much time is spent searching before deciding on a product or service.
  • Determining the balance necessary between organic and paid search. Organic search, still the dominant tool in researching buying decisions, cost the company virtually nothing and accounts for a large percentage of the clicks.
  • Determining what is a good position in the Search Engine Rankings. 60% of prospects click on the top three listings.

Search Engine Optimization, is one key to Internet Marketing success, and the bottom line is that understanding SEO is what drives customers to your website. The more people that discover your website translates into more prospects for your product or service, and will significantly effect your bottom line. Let us put our Search Engine Specialist to work for your small business. Contact us today.