It may be called the World Wide Web, but if your business offers services specifically to people in your immediate area then it’s no good receiving an influx of traffic from Rio de Janeiro or Timbuktu, or even the other side of the UK.

That’s where it can come in handy to specifically target local keywords and phrases, such as ‘gardening services in Birmingham’, or ‘Bicycle repair in Liverpool city centre.’

While such narrowly defined keyphrases may not appear in as many search results pages as broader terms, they can help to ensure that the people who do arrive at your site are the ‘right’ people (which is, after all, the overall aim of SEO). It’s also worth remembering that ‘Bicycle repair in Liverpool city centre’ still contains the broader keyphrase ‘bicycle repair’.

Think globally act locally

Local keywords are also of growing importance when it comes to targeting Internet users who go online via their smart phone. According to a recent survey by mobile marketing firm JiWire, more than half of mobile phone users questioned said that they would be happy to share their geographical location data in order to find services and offers that were specifically relevant to where there they are. The survey canvassed the opinions of 2,800 consumers, and also found that 29% of those said that they currently use their mobile phones to find promotions within a mile of their current location.

Understanding the Importance of Long Tail Keyword Research (Watch Video)