In our recent post regarding the types of on the page SEO and off the page SEO we discussed the right things to do to improve your search engine rankings. In this article, we discuss the things that hurt or reduce your rankings in the search engines.

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Search engine violations

Search engine optimization that benefits your website is known as white hat marketing. SCO that does not follow these guidelines is known as Black cat marketing. A good SEO strategy will follow white hat techniques and along with good quality content will get you higher rankings in the search engines. Following black cat techniques is seen as a violation by the search engine’s and will punish your site with reduced rankings and in some cases even ban your site.

It is important that you understand the basic guidelines for Whitehead marketing so that the people you hire are the marketing that you perform for your site is deemed positive by the search engines. The below information should give you a better idea of some of the black cat marketing techniques. These are by no means all of them. Over the years marketers have tried many different techniques to fool the search engines. It is not nice to fool mother Google. She takes her search integrity very seriously.

  1. Thin content – Your content should be useful, thoughtful, properly punctuated and use proper spelling and grammar.
  2. Keyword stuffing – Do you excessively use the same terms over and over that you want to be found for? There is no reason to have the same keyword or keyword phrase on the page more than two or three times.
  3. Hidden text – For example if you have a lot of white space on your page and then you use white colored text that only the search engines can see and your readers cannot.
  4. Cloaking – Does your code direct search engines to one page while your content for the readers is shown on another page.
  5. Paid links – There are websites that actually charge you for a link from them. Not a good idea; it is like paying for friends.
  6. Link spam – Do you continually spam other blogs and forums solely for the purpose of creating a link to your own website?