Website Design Tips Atlanta, GA

  1. It should be obvious what your website is about within a few seconds of landing on your site. Take another closer looks at at your site and make sure that is readily apparent to anyone landing on your site by accident or other means, what your site is about.
  2. The content should be scannable as opposed to long paragraphs. Use bullet points and headlines to grab attention.
  3. Avoid the use of fancy fonts.
  4. Do not require registration to your site unless it is absolutely necessary.
  5. Never subscribe the website visitor to anything without their consent.
  6. Avoid the use of flash if possible, except in very limited situations.
  7. If you have audio files do not play the music automatically, let the user activate it.
  8. Make sure there are contact forms or other means to contact you readily available on the front page to see.
  9. Do not use gimmicks such as blinking text to grab people’s attention.
  10. Do not use HTML tables for site structure. Today everyone uses cascading style sheets to layout  their sites.
  11. If you are linking to PDF files then make sure you disclose that and put a link available to download the PDF reader.
  12. Avoid flash intros to your website which forces readers to have to wait to see what your site is about.
  13. Ensure that your website is readable in all the major browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer,  Google Chrome and Safari.
  14. Make sure you use alt tags on your images to ensure that people with disabilities can  know what your pictures are about.
  15. Avoid pop-ups on your website. They are very annoying
  16. Avoid long pages. People simply don’t want to do a lot of reading on the web. The information that is important and relevant should be in the top part of your website known as “above the fold”. When Google scans your site it ranks the information that is at the top of the page higher.