And Everything You Need to Get Started in Video Marketing

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Nearly all businesses have probably heard the following response in regard to video marketing: “Yes, We Know Video is important!” Did you know that consumers are 64 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. You should know that marketers worldwide agree that video is the most effective social-media marketing method.

So you understand that video marketing is powerful, but the chances are good that your brand isn’t using it. Only 24 percent of brands use online video to reach customers. Why are you ignoring this fact?

Well, fear not, help is here!!

OK, so you probably already know that you can shoot a 2 minute video on you smart phone, upload it to Youtube or Vimeo, and get increased traffic to your website.

Google Loves Video!! Why, because they understand the value to their users. It also doesn’t hurt that Google owns Youtube, and you should also know that Youtube is the #2 search engine users use to find products or services.

But more importantly another great reason to shoot video is to capture your screen. to shed light on a complicated process.

If you provide software as a service, using video to describe a complicated process is the perfect way to clearly describe it to consumers.

And then there is training!!

What better way to train employees than using video, also to describe a complicated process.

There are a number of free video software programs to capture your screen out there. Today, we are going to concentrate on Camstudio. The following videos are only about 30 minutes, and will give you all the info you need to get started.

camstudio part 1

camstudio part 2

camstudio part 3

camstudio part 4