WordPress has a well-deserved reputation and strong foundation in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For example, this site, www.atlantawebpros.com, runs on WordPress and ranks very well for our keywords.

WordPress SEO Benefits

WordPress can help your site skyrocket to the top of search engine results!

Google Likes It

Matt Cutts is Google’s anti-spam guru. Here is what he says about WordPress:

“WordPress is a fantastic piece of software.”

“WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.”

“WordPress takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics of Search Engine Optimization.”

  • WordPress sites rank very well in Google search results pages, even in competitive markets
  • Google even seems to favor the platform over others like it (a certain amount of “trust)
  • It doesn’t seem useful to Spammers

Speedy Content Creation

  • Designed for quick and consistent publishing
  • On a static html site, content creation usually involves many different steps, such as hard-coding the articles, using a WYSIWYG interface, adjusting multiple menus, etc.
  • With WordPress, sites grow at a very fast rate
  • All that content adds to your keyword families quickly
  • Your large site can become “bait” for inbound links from other websites


  • Websites must be crawlable by search engines in order to appear in search results and rankings
  • WordPress’s logic and link structure is simple and shared among millions of websites, making WordPress familiar ground for search engines
  • Google’s “spiders” can easily find what they’re looking for, and rank the best content

Plug-Ins and Support

  • The number of SEO support plug-ins has grown tremendously
  • Plug-ins are small software modules (like apps for a smart phone)  that websites can use in addition to the default WordPress installation
  • The All in One SEO Plug-In or the Platinum SEO Pack are both quick and easy “one stop” plug-in packages that accomplish a set of SEO goals: Manual Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and much more!
  • Plug-ins make WordPress’s ability to control and customize your site much easier than a static site does

New Content “Bump”

  • WordPress gives new content a “bump”
  • Blog posts are supposed to be current, like a news item, so Google rewards fresh content with a bump in initial rankings
  • Ranking position will generally settle down after a few days.
  • Bump usually only applies to a new post, not a new page

Pings, Comments and Trackbacks

  • Pings, Comments and Trackbacks are built-in features that let other blogs and individuals interact with a WordPress site
  • Pings and Trackbacks create inbound links and traffic
  • Comments provide free content and visitors

WordPress and SEO: Overall Assessment

While WordPress’s SEO is generally highly effective, the system does have a few drawbacks, such as poorly designed themes. When it comes to a minor annoyance like menu presentation, it’s a small price to pay for the amount of beneficial features WordPress offers.

Overall, we would rate WordPress with a very high grade  for its SEO suitability and power.